Seasonal Menus

A sample our fall menu:

Bowl of Kitchari   [6.75]
Kitchari is Ayurveda’s healing comfort food. Made of mung beans, basmati rice, ghee, seasonal vegetables, and warming Indian spices, this dish is nourishing, easy to digest and detoxifying to the colon. It is considered to be balancing to all of the doshas.

Soup of the day [6.95]
Our soups change from week to week, but are all made from scratch using seasonal produce, organic grains/legumes and housemade stocks. Our favorite autumn recipes include french lentil with butternut squash & kale, creamy chicken & wild rice, sweet potato & poblano, quinoa & tomato bisque, and our immune-boosting pho-inspired gluten-free ramen.
All soups are served with gluten free cornbread. 

Beet Muhammara [9.95]
An earthy variation on a Syrian spread, our muhammara is made from raw beets & toasted walnuts with garlic, cumin, lemon & pomegranate. Beets are a blood tonic, blood cleanser and mild laxative. Combined with the cholagogue effects of walnuts, lemon & pomegranate, this dip becomes a delicious detoxifier and liver supporter. Served with gluten-free flatbread & fresh veggie slices.

Apple-Spice Muffins [2.95]
Made with fresh apples, house-milled oat flour, organic spices and sweetened with maple syrup. Gluten & dairy free. Contains nuts & eggs.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies [2.50]
A hearty cookie that to satisfy your pumpkin cravings. Made with house-milled oat flour, organic pumpkin puree, organic pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, and sweetened with honey. Gluten & dairy free. Contains eggs.

Our Sample Drink Menu:

Tonic Summer Menu 2018

Our culinary philosophy:

This menu exists to provide our customers with nourishing options to accompany their teas and elixirs. We do not adhere to any one dietary philosophy and our menu reflects vegan, vegetarian and paleo options. We do keep everything gluten-free and strive to create deliciously healing foods that are seasonally appropriate, nutrient-dense, and anti-inflammatory.