I invite you to watch this Video about an upcoming 8-week course I’ll be facilitating beginning November 8th. This course will teach foundational principles of how to integrate, apply and ground the multidimensional aspects of our existence into our day to day lives as we enter into a new paradigm. We will explore the nature of mind, body and Spirit through the lenses of hermetic and yogic principles, shamanic teachings, natural time and the symbiotic relationship we have with the natural world and our Ancestral lineages. This course acts as a map to help you bridge and remember the fragmented pieces of our consciousness necessary to navigate the times we are living in. Those who choose to explore this map will inevitably begin to fine tune a deeper vision of Self, strengthening ones ability to align with the present and anchor into your center. Our goal is embodiment and fully being able to walk side by side with one another in sovereignty for the greater good of our global and cosmic family.⚖️