Seasonal Menus

Come, sit, enjoy some nourishment and a peaceful atmosphere. Browse our herbal library, connect to wi-fi, or chat with a friend while sipping on a cup of tea or one of our delicious elixirs.

Truly Healthy Muffins [2.95]
Made in house with nutrient-dense flours (no refined flours, starches or sugars!). Flavors change with the season and include Blueberry-Turmeric, Apple-Carrot-Bran, Buckwheat Banana & Pumpkin Spice. All Gluten Free & Vegan.

Homemade Superfood Bars [2.95]
A hearty snack made with nuts, seeds & dried fruit. Gluten, egg & dairy free) Vegetarian (contains honey, GF Oats, almonds, chia seed, flax seed, dates, cranberries, sunflower butter, coconut oil, cinnamon & cardamom)

Adaptogen Bites [.99]

Made with our Parvati Powder blend, these little adaptogenic bites are a easy and delicious way to balance your endocrine system.

Bone Broth [7.95/Qt]

Our broths are made in-house using bones from Crestview Meat Market. They are simmered on low for 24 hours to yield a nutrient dense brew that can enjoyed on its own or used to create healing soups. Your choice of Chicken or Beef. Sold frozen.

Our Sample Drink Menu:

Our culinary philosophy:

Our elixir bar exists to provide our customers with nourishing options and showcase different ways to incorporate herbs into daily life. We keep a gluten-free kitchen and strive to create deliciously healing food and drink options that are seasonally appropriate.