Apothecary Services

Tonic offers custom compounding services for herbal practitioners. 

We provide herbal teas, powders and liquid extracts to meet your formulation specifications. Use the following links to see our List of Bulk Herbs and List of Simple Extracts that we have available. If you wish to use an herb that is not on one of these lists, you or your client will need to source that separately.

Before we can begin to fill your formulas, we must be provided with proof of training. If you are interested in using our services for the first time, please send a copy of your certificate/diploma for all degrees and trainings completed to tonicherbshop@gmail.com. Please indicate how long you have been in practice and any supervising herbalists with whom you may be working.

Placing Orders and Refills

All orders must be requested by the herbal practitioner. We will provide you with a Tonics-Custom-Recipe-Form, and ask that you use this form for submitting order requests. We also ask that each client complete an Tonic-Herb-Safety-Client-Info and a Tonic-Client-Shipping-Billing-Info for us to keep on file and use, if needed, to fill future orders. Clients are also welcome to pay/pick up in person if it is convenient for them.

We are currently filling formulas on Tuesdays. Formulas will be available to ship/pick up after 4:00 pm on Tuesdays, or will be shipped within 24 hours of completion. We will provide tracking numbers for all orders shipped.

Please send an email to tonicherbshop@gmail.com  to place an order.

Once we receive your formula, we will contact the client to let them know when their order is ready and what the cost is. For your reference, our custom tincture pricing is as follows:

2 oz- $24 ($12/oz)
4 oz- $48 ($12/oz)
8 oz- $88 ($11/oz)
16 oz- $160 ($10/oz)
The pricing for tea blends depends on the herbs used as each herb has a different price per ounce. We charge for each herb separately according to the weight of each used in the formula.