In partnership with Sacred Garden School of Herbalism, Tonic is the host of a new low-cost Wholistic Wellness Council.

Starting February 17th, the council will meet above Tonic Herb Shop on Fridays between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm with the goal of providing safe, effective & affordable herbal care for individuals in our community through in person consultations to discuss the client’s health concerns. The council is part of the Sacred Garden School’s advanced herbal training program. Students and an instructor collaborate to conduct the interview, examine the client’s tongue and pulse, and to come up with customized herbal recommendations tailored to the individual’s needs. It is an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned from and to gain experience working with clients under the guidance of a clinical herbalist.

Scope of Practice:

Please understand that this is an energetic practice and that as community herbalists, we do not diagnose, treat or cure allopathic disease, nor do not prescribe medicine. We are not a licensed medical facility and we only work non-emergency health concerns. We do educate our clients about herbs, diet and lifestyle changes that we believe would be supportive for them and empower them with tools to take charge of their own health.​

How do the Consults Work?

We ask our clients to commit to 3 consultations- your initial appointment + 2 follow-up appointments. Natural healing is a time-honored process and to effect change with food and healthy choices, it takes more time than most are accustomed to. The three appointments also serve to help our students understand how to support people with lifestyle changes.

  • The initial visit lasts 90 minutes-2 hours.
    • Your first session will be a thorough intake of your health concerns and a comprehensive interview that includes your health history. This process allows us to get to the root of your experience and tailor our recommendations to your individual uniqueness.
  • 2nd & 3rd Appointments (Follow-up visits) last about 45 minutes – 1 hour
    • After the initial visit your consulting herbalist will write up your case and do extensive homework to reveal patterns and root causes that may be related to your health concerns. Your case will then be reviewed by peers and faculty for feedback prior to a follow up session with you where your clinician will then be able to discuss detailed treatment options to address your concerns.
    • During your third visit, we will check in with you about how the herbs are effecting you and discuss any changes that have taken place since your initial visit. If we feel it’s necessary, we can adjust your formula at this time and make further recommendations for long-term self care.
  • The cost to the client is a flat rate of $20 per appointment. We feel that having some amount of monetary exchange strengthens one’s commitment to the healing process. If, however, that cost is too great for you, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your financial needs.  Any herbs and supplements, if you choose to purchase them, are an additional cost separate from the consultation fee. Formulas can be filled in Tonic’s apothecary, or you may choose to source herbs elsewhere.
Interested in Consulting with Us?

You can schedule your appointment with us using one of the links below:

Initial Visit, 2 hr

Follow-Up Visit, 45-60 min 

If you are unable to schedule through the online calendar, please email us at and include “Wellness Council” in the subject line.

We expect demand for the clinic to be high as we are only seeing 2 people per week. Appointments are on a first-come first serve basis. If you need to cancel we ask that you give us a minimum of 48 hours notice.

We look forward to meeting you.

Yours in health,

Ashley Davis

Founder & lead instructor of Sacred Garden School of Herbalism

Co-founder of Tonic Herb Shop