Katie Randall, Yoga Therapist & Shamanic Practitioner

I spent the first 12-years of my adult life holding space and working as a counselor, teacher and therapist for at-risk youth and children living with special needs. This provided a foundation that taught me how imperative it is for all beings to heal from our Ancestral lineages so we can raise our seedlings in a world that is in harmony with our highest potential, and in turn, build upon learning how to have healthy and whole relationships. My formal schooling provided me with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and an M.S. in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health. I served in the U.S. Peace Corps in the West Indies as a special education teacher and co-created a yoga and life-skills program for residential group homes for children. I’ve been trained in Trauma Sensitive Yoga  through the Trauma Center in Boston, Yoga and Social Justice through Off the mat and into the world and am a certified Reiki Practitioner through the Reiki Jin Kei Do tradition. My informal schooling came in the form of experiencing PTSD and trauma first hand and working through the complex healing process of being exposed to and living within the systems of injustice and corruption our planet faces. 

As a steward of this planet and the land, I am here to be of service to humanity, bridging worlds and ushering in a new paradigm as we align into right relation with Self, each other and Mother Earth through alchemical processes, mindfulness and Ancestral healing. My journey has humbled me with opportunities to study with Shamans, Spiritual teachers and Plant Medicine, offering deeper insight into the multidimensional nature of our existence. These invaluable experiences have aided me to work in diverse settings and heightened my natural ability to mediate challenging dialogues while working towards finding common ground that serves the greater good of all within our communities. My practice is anchored in the alignment to natural time and cultivating a symbiotic relationship with nature. I currently facilitate courses, retreats, drum journeys, and classes based on a culmination of these teachings as well as one-on-one Shamanic energy healing, Spiritual council, and Yoga Therapy sessions.

See my most recent course, Setting Yourself for Sovereignty, starting November 8, 2020


90 minute session- Yoga Therapy or Shamanic Energy Work $130

20 minute consult- $20

Contact Katie at rainbowmedicine1328@gmail.com to schedule a session

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