Upcoming Workshops

Fall Workshops

Herbs for Stress, Stamina & Immunity

with Jurga Sauvageot

Saturday, October 26th

Come learn about adaptogens & how can they help to decrease body’s response to stress, increase resilience & stamina.  Click here for more information


with Jurga Sauvageot, PharmD, MS

Saturday, October 26th
1:00-2:30 pm

What’s all the buzz about CBD? Is it right for me? Is it safe? How do you know if a product is good quality? Come for an interactive discussion… Click here for more information

Fall Meditation Series

Wednesdays 7:00-8:30 pm
$15 per session or $40 for all 4-weeks

October 30th- Presence
November 6th- Impermanence
November 13th- Patience
November 20th- Gratitude

Facilitated by Katie Randall. Each week we will focus on aspects of how to decrease stress and anxiety with breathing and meditation techniques to increase our ability to thrive most optimally in day to day life. Click here for more information

One-On-One Offerings

with Jurga Sauvageot

One-on-one classes provide an opportunity to dive deep and get all of your questions answered in an intimate setting. Each class is 1 hour long, unless otherwise noted, and includes samples of herbs/products discussed. Choose from one of the following:

Introduction to Herbs and Herbal Medicine: short overview of history, main principles of herbal medicine, herbal action terms; culinary and medicinal applications and doses, sampling of different herbal products.

Medicine making, (1.5 hours) from herbal infusions to topical salves. Hands on practical hour of demonstration to master herbal medicine making skills. Take home sample of product(s) produced during the class. Subject to additional materials fee.

Bitters: from medicine to mainstream applications; what is a “bitter” and why is it so effective? Sample different bitter formulas; make a non-alcoholic drink(s) and learn how to make bitters at home.

Adaptogens: what is this group of herbs and how can they help to decrease body’s response to stress, increase resilience and stamina; safe and effective doses of different adaptogens.

The ABCs of CBD: learn about the latest research regarding CBD applications and how it may be beneficial to your specific situation. A complimentary drink with CBD is included in the class.

Attend solo or bring a friend for 50% off the single price.

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